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Lake of Garda main characteristics

05 marzo 2006

written by: Giovanni Finotti

The lake of Garda is the greatest of the Italian lakes, element of border among three regions: Veneto, Trentino and Lombardia, and it’s framed among the Pianura Padana and the Alps. It represents for its climate and for the luxuriant vegetation the first piece of Mediterranean for the one who arrives from north.

The lake of Garda, said also Benaco, of glacial origin, it is the greatest of the lakes next to the Alps and the greatest of the Italian lakes. It deals with an ancient great river valley with the "V" shape, formed  during the Ice Age (from 66 million years ago) during the process that created the Alps, and almost situated in line held up by Torbole to Desenzano, with the side of Brescia more inclined than the one of Verona, then rehandled by the action of the glaciers, filled of water and blocked by ample morainic entourages

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